Transmedia branding

Product brands derive from the experience of buying, using, and disposing of a product.
Service brands include the interactions with service staff and software.

The Internet of Things will continue to transform product brands in software-driven service brands.

This changes everything, except this: Your customers still own the brand. It’s their experience.

Product OEMs and service providers co-manage the branding process with customers, market influencers, and channel partners.

Branding represents an often complex and nuance process of signaling, inferring, and projecting the inherent meaning of the product

Good branding creates a journey of discovery: from Who are these guys? to We gotta have them!

In an always-on world, brands create a narrative presence that induce customers to tell and retell their story about being connected with your brand.

Transmedia branding constitutes a distinguished capability of GISTICS.

Transmedia branding ensures the intentional communication of a brand across any chosen medium, format, or channel.

Transmedia branding creates a crisp, consistent, and credible experience of your brand.

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