Future proofs

Future Proofs depict a vivid and compelling future of your success. Often we start with a one-sheet canvases of a client-partner’s business model.

Unlike the more common and simplistic business model canvases, we use a full-stack business model that addresses Product Risks, Market Risks, and Business Risks.

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This includes a crisp and cogent summary of your :

For example, we assisted a new mobile hardware firm pivot from a stealth R&D phase into a commercial launch.

One part of their future proof entailed the creation of value chain diagram, positioning this firm as a vital upstream partner to hundreds of downstream distribution partners and and influencers.

Future Proofs help customers, prospects, investors, partners, staff, prospective employees, and other key influencer envision their success in your market.

A new value chain has already emerged around an industrial wearable computer

We also use the following to create your Future Proof:

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